Paco Ulman. Rail-Baltic Route

The possible construction of Rail Baltic has created one of the few spatial discussions, which has captivated society as a whole. Heated disputes over the railway connection have polarised society – on the one hand, this is a natural phenomenon in a democratic state, but on the other, it is a case of a mutual lack of understanding.

But what is this space we are talking about, we are planning, we are supporting or we are protesting against? What is there in this space right now?

This photo series offers some visual background to the emotional debate that has captivated society. The photos were taken in spring/summer 2017. Around 80 locations that are on the proposed route were photographed, from Maardu to the Latvian border.

Text and photos by Paco Ulman.

PUBLISHED in Maja’s 2017 autumn edition (No 91).


Summer-fall 2022: Built Heritage and Modern Times