Siim Tuksam: Space and Digital Reality

The top-level conference held at the Estonian Academy of Arts during the Tallinn Architecture Biennale dealt with the effect of digitality on architecture, production processes and society.

Annika Kaldoja. Coffee Morphoses

“Coffee Morphoses” is a set of natural materials generated in the course of a practical study. By analysing the local organic resource, I came to ask if the waste of imported goods could become the new local raw material.

Karl-Eerik Unt. Not to Make a Concrete Ruler

Material use which takes advantage of its specific properties lessens the chance of later unwanted changes in the original architectural design and guides the user experience. What stops architecture from taking the helm in material innovation?

How to Reach Novelty? Discussion with Rachel Armstrong, Manja van de Worp and Jelle Feringa

There is an ongoing discussion how to reach novelty in architecture with computation-driven tools, combining material knowledge with fabrication possibilities. In an attempt to seek for the new spatial qualities emerging and deepening the collaboration between the stakeholders of construction, we discuss it with experimental architect Rachel Armstrong, fiery engineer Manja van de Worp and innovating fabricator Jelle Feringa.