Talv 2023: tänavarahutus

An industrial construction technology based on modular and reusable building components can resolve many problems in the construction sector.
How about we agree that from here on out, we will be implementing only good spatial solutions? Okay?
The competition was won by Sfäär Planeeringud (Kerttu Kõll, Lauri Läänelaid, Triin Kampus and Alvin Kanarbik) with their proposal ‘Displacement’. The work caught the jury’s eye with its comprehensive solution that offered not only a design idea for the park, but also ideas on how to tie the urban space around the park with the new green movement trajectory, and how to reduce noise and air pollution in the city.
There is a lot of talk about Pollinator Highway but what exactly is it, where it is located and what is its purpose?
It is no news to architects and real estate developers that the design of a new spatial environment usually begins with parking spaces as if it was the fundamental value. More and more practitioners, however, complain about the outdated mindset related to parking norms and the need for a new approach allowing to implement more sustainable decisions. Tartu city architect and the head of the spatial design department Tõnis Arjus discusses the city’s new ambitious online app considering the parking spaces according to the actual need.
Contradictions of spatial planning are caused by the time required to process comprehensive and detailed plans as well as (spatial) gap between the two. How to better make sense of planning processes and to alleviate rigidity of the aforementioned?
All pioneering and innovative projects need support to prevent them from getting stuck in the old rut under the pressure of red tape.
Thinking of design as a service means bringing into focus the user and user needs. The impact of user-specificity is steadily increasing in how the processes of spatial design are approached. Ave Habakuk from the Living Street movement writes about how to think of the street as a service.
Spatial design of a city is not a project with a clear beginning and end, but a continuous process, and a wickedly slow one at that.