David Grandorge, Jonathan Lovekin: Ground 2015-2017

The London-based photographers David Grandorge and Jonathan Lovekin have researched the altering terrain of Baltic states showing how industry and transport shape the landscapes.

The Ground series is exhibited in London in Architectural Association exhibition ‘The Baltic Material Assemblies’ 1-25 March 2018, curators Jurga Daubaraité and Jonas Žukauskas. The Baltic Material Assemblies presents architecture of the Baltic states, exploring the material, infrastructural and cultural connections that have persevered despite the political borders and conflict lines that have been laid throughout the region.

Above: ‘Black Mountain’in the Kohtla-Järve with ponds for harmful chemical residue lined with 2mm thick polyethylene membrane. Photo Jonathan Lovekin

Published in Maja’s 2018 spring edition (No 93).


An Interview With Avatars

Space Popular is a multidisciplinary design and research practice led by Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg. They make physical spaces — buildings, interiors, furnishings — and virtual spaces, concentrating on how the two will be fused in the future. Their augmented virtual reality project “The Venn Room” was on display at the Tallinn Architecture Biennial main exhibition.

Kaja Pae: Beauty Matters Thanks to Faith in Human  

Tallinn Architecture Biennale (TAB) „Beauty Matters: The Resurgence of Beauty“, 11.09–15.09 2019.
Although architecture may help to solve (and it does solve) problems, we should not regard it as a primary tool for solving social etc. problems but as a creator of values, novelty and wellbeing. In the 20th century, the creative part of architecture that can also deal with the question of human condition has been undeservedly overshadowed by pragmatics.