Nominees for the awards of MAJA and Sirp for the best publication on architecture revealed

Nominees were selected among 43 articles published since last autumn until today.

The winners were selected by curator and art critic Maarin Mürk who noted that there is a healthy variety of articles on architecture, “It’s not that there are only texts written in the opaque jargon comprehensible to a small circle of specialists – every reader who makes even the slightest effort to think about the built environment around us and who notices new buildings and changes in the urban space will also find an excellent discussion partner from Sirp and MAJA.”

According to Kaja Pae, the editor-in-chief of MAJA, the nominees for the award represent a selection of the various types of articles published in the journal, “There is wholehearted architecture criticism, similarly texts advancing architectural thought, masterful explorations of the essence of architecture, evidence-based discussions as well as more playful approaches.”

Merle Karro-Kalberg, the architecture editor of the cultural weekly Sirp, says that spatial design is a part of culture, the conceptualisation of the built environment and the respective discussions allow us to get a better understanding of ourselves and the surroundings and, as a result, also to demand better spaces. “This is the primary aim of the articles, reviews, essays and contemplations published in the architecture pages of Sirp,” she adds.

The editor-in-chief of MAJA Kaja Pae says that it is the second year that the jury member of the publication award is a specialist outside the given field, “Much like the good environment around us, also good architectural texts are in a dialogue with the society.” 

The architectural review MAJA and cultural weekly Sirp award the prize to the best article on spatial design featured in their publications. The jury will consider architecture criticism, essays and research studies expanding the boundaries of the field of architecture. MAJA and Sirp are the main Estonian publications regularly featuring professional articles on spatial design.


NOMINEES from the architectural review MAJA:

Roland Reemaa, “Who Made This?”

Toomas Tammis, “Suure-Jaani Gained a Chunk of a (Town)Centre”

Kaur Sarv, “Reviving the ‘Industrial Backwoods’of Tudulinna” and comments by Lauri Väinmaa

Andres Kurg, “A Hundred Issues of Critical Discussion on Architecture: a Round Table Discussion with Editor-in-Chief of MAJA”

Kaisa Ling, “Bathology”

Silver Sternfeldt, Aksel Part, Marju Randmer-Nellis, Julia Trunova, “Environmental Psychology in Interior Architecture”


NOMINEES from the architecture section SIRP:

Elo Kiivet, Kivist naised on nähtamatud” (“Stone Women are Invisible”)

Anna-Liisa Unt, Longero

Laura Linsi, Kelle huvides on seatud eluruumidele nõuded?” (“In Whose Interest are the Requirements for Dwellings?”)

Mihhail Komaško Vihkamisest armastuseni” (“From Hate to Love”)

Margit Mutso, Must maantee ja punane soorebane” (“The Black Highway and the Red Bog Fox”)

Mats-Laes NuterVõimatu vaid Tallinnas” (“Impossible only in Tallinn”)


The winners will be announced at the Estonian Architectural Award ceremony at the Culture Hub on 9 December. The prize includes a subscription to MAJA and Sirp for a year and a monetary award. Supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

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