Installation and photos: Paco Ulman
Curator: Carl-Dag Lige
Graphic design: Koit Randmäe
Tanel Paliale, Holger Loodus
Supported by:
Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Sadolin

Exhibition and spatial installation in the main hall of the Museum of Estonian Architecture 27.01.-25.03.2018.

The term refers to a territory that is not easy to categorise. There are numerous wastelands in our towns from smaller grasslands to former industrial areas or incomplete real estate developments. These seem to be spaces of secondary importance or like a B-side of the urban environment. Areas that do not directly echo their contemporary world but remain in constant change.

Here, the traditional rules of a public space do not apply, the behaviour in a wasteland is entirely up to its users. Instead of roads we find a network of paths including, for instance, former streets with shreds of asphalt or a barely perceptible trampled grass. Here you do not have a destination, you merely end up somewhere. 

I see wasteland as a phenomenon that is not defined as a geographical area but rather as a state. These are areas where you are simultaneously present and absent, alone and together.

The related keywords include density, diversity, layers, indeterminacy, irregularity, public, frightening.

PUBLISHED in Maja’s 2018 summer/autumn edition (No 94).