Speculative Project. Dark Matter

The aim of the work is to achieve harmony and universal beauty. I value milieus and particular atmospheres carrying it. Sometimes I convey it with a single line or a geometric detail that can evolve into a deeper spatial gesture.

These spaces are meant for everybody, they are open to serve mankind in the best possible manner. They feature simplicity and airiness but also strength. When delving further, they will remind us of eternal peace that all mankind yearns for.

PUBLISHED: Maja 107 (winter 2022) with main topic Evolution or Revolution?

Speculative Project. Los Angeles Cultural Hypertrophy – Sille Pihlak
Speculative Project. The Vision of Heliorg in Harjuoru – Villem Tomiste
Speculative Project. Digital Park – Lauri Eltermaa
Speculative Project. A Symbiotic Garden-Library – Kadri Kerge
Speculative Project. The Arctic Nature Defence Forces – Mari Hunt