Spring 2022: Opening Tallinn To The Sea

Rotermann. The City of Houses  〉Mattias Malk Rotermann Quarter 20 years later  〉Mathilda Viigimäe, Kristi Tšernilovski The Industrial Heritage of Tallinn Set for A New Lease of Life  〉Henry Kuningas In the Winds of Gentrification — The Noblessner Quarter  〉Hannes Aava From Submarines to Bicycles: The Story of Noblessner  〉Pärtel-Peeter Pere Kalaranna Quarter — One Step Back, Two Steps Forwards  〉Endrik Mänd Who Hacks

Winter 2022: Evolution or Revolution?

(R)evolution 〉Jaak Tomberg, Urmo Mets, Kaja Pae JOHAN TALI. Only Cities Can Save Us Now! 〉Interviewed by Joonas Hellerma Visioning 〉Kaja Pae The New Cruise Terminal in Tallinn 〉Tuomas Silvennoinen A Low-Tech Table 〉Hannes Praks Zerotopia 〉Kalev Rajangu Speculative Projects  Maja and Sirp Publication Award 2021  Parasites in the Cracks of Human 〉Madli Maruste A Vision for Hundipea 〉 Indrek Allmann How To Live? 〉Kaja Pae

Autumn 2019: Author

UNKNOWNSpatial Poetry Spatial Illusion Spatial Design Poetry Design 〉 Mariann DrellWho Made This? 〉 Roland ReemaaAn Oeuvre on a Potato Field 〉 Diana Drobot, Päär Keedus PERSONASAcknowledging Unnoticed Architecture 〉 Merle Karro-Kalberg PROJECTSImavere Rapeseed Oil Factory — Things that Matter 〉 Kristel Niisuke, Margus TammFotografiska in Tallinn — Matured End of Season Berries with Champagne Foam 〉 Maarin MürkRannamõisa Ritual Building —From a Funeral