The translation of human thinking and machine thinking in architectural design is ambiguous, their mediation requires the architect to ask the questions “How come?” and “What for?” over and over again in the process.
The interview is based on Yael Reisner’s lecture Why Beauty Matters in Architecture; the cultural bias, the enigma, and the Timely pursuit of New Beauties given at the Estonian Academy of Arts in February 2018. She was also chosen to be the head curator of Tallinn Architecture biennale in 2019 with her chosen title Beauty Matters, The Resurgence of (the temporarily dormant) Beauty.
Eristuse ähmastumine kehade, looduse ja infrastruktuuri vahel paljastab „võimu ruumis”, mis ei ole rajatud reeglitele, vaid eeldusele, et kõik teadmiste vormid ning toimimisviisid on tuletatavad andmehulkades leiduvatest mustritest ja korrapärast.
In 2007, the city council again approved the concept “Opening Tallinn to the Sea” with one of its aims including a populated urban space. The simultaneous activities – seaside arterial roads and the wire fences obstructing the sea views and the use of the coast, however, were entirely contrary

Summer-fall 2022: Built Heritage and Modern Times