What is surprising and innovative about Fahle Park Gallery Street compared to earlier reconstructions of industrial architecture?
Healthy Streets in Tartu is a guideline providing help for city officials or specialists working on spatial design.
The objective of landscape architecture should be climate positivity. This will most likely manifest when landscape carbon positivity becomes a sales argument or a general policy, and amendments to legislation are made.
One of the most important traits in the 21st century is considered to be creativity. What kinds of spaces set the cornerstone for a creative personality? Let us examine the interiors and exteriors of Raja Kindergarten in Pärnu.
Love is emanating from this building. The new building of the art academy on the edge of Kalamaja in Tallinn has architecture which is carefully thought through and gives a positive boost to the future of Estonia’s principal institution providing higher art education.
Spectrum thinking has freed him from the constraints of the black-and-white view of the world: drifting in semitones allows him to choose only the topics that fire him up. Everything you start with must be finished, the process is facilitated by the main tool of concentration that to outsiders seems deceivingly chaotic.
The trio of landscape architects in Tartu represent the new obstinate generation who believe in nature’s power of self-organisation and assure that their cooperation will persist until Estonia is entirely covered with a high-quality public thicket.
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