Spring 2019: Spatial Diversity

In recent years, environmentally sensitive apartment buildings have been constructed in Tartu city centre that timidly yet vigorously test the boundaries of the current way of life.
Every act of redesign, renaming or shift, especially in downtown, always bears reference to choices and decisions with a broader ideological background.
Connection, attachment, homeliness—all of it belongs to being human and takes root even in those who do not dwell in an idyllic and exuberantly harmonic Arcadian pastoral.
Love is emanating from this building. The new building of the art academy on the edge of Kalamaja in Tallinn has architecture which is carefully thought through and gives a positive boost to the future of Estonia’s principal institution providing higher art education.
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The architecture offices born at the time of economic downturn are inevitably much less inclined to undertake bold experiments than the ones whose beginnings are rooted in more auspicious times. Instead, what becomes crucial then is an ability to make the most out of the limited resources in a nuance-sensitive way. Thus, KUU architects are, in a sense, minimalists, yet they do not seek minimal form, but look for opportunities to efficiently utilise the existing contexts in order to create spaces that empower its users.
A guide’s narrative is led by a visible and palpable environment, often causing the interest of a tourist to pique on a detail that addresses humanity as a whole.
Designation of the status of a valuable individual object in a spatial plan could be considered as a reference to an architectural value that should not be unknowingly destroyed and that will be provided with specific conditions upon issuing the building permit or the design provisions.
Several competition entries captured quintessential characteristics of Tartu. How to plan future competitions so that these characteristics could be more systemically written into competition briefs and implemented in 21st century projects?