Urmo Mets’ Conceivable Houses can be read in either a conceptual or realist way. A realist reading is the opposite of a conceptual reading in the sense that the goal is not to take in a particular idea, but, on the contrary, to find oneself transported through the text into an imaginary environment where no normal or habitual processes can be expected to work.
Is it possible to pair the obscure component of architecture—the component which it is easier to remain silent about, but which may possibly have the ability to establish meaningful connections with most diverse audience—with a clear and coherent analysis?
The London-based photographers David Grandorge and Jonathan Lovekin have researched the altering terrain of Baltic states showing how industry and transport shape the landscapes.
„Geometry and Metaphysics”. Mare Vint and Arne Maasik in the Museum of Estonian Architecture 07.06. – 25.08.2019.
Connection, attachment, homeliness—all of it belongs to being human and takes root even in those who do not dwell in an idyllic and exuberantly harmonic Arcadian pastoral.
A guide’s narrative is led by a visible and palpable environment, often causing the interest of a tourist to pique on a detail that addresses humanity as a whole.
The capital of Germany is a maze of rules where imagination flourishes in the underwood. Although Berlin may come across as the capital of tolerance due to the various forms of diversity, it also has its controversies.
When looking at China with an open mind, there are quite a few lessons to be learned.
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