Summer 2019: Architecture is an Art of Space

Which building or architectural project has seemed the most enigmatic to you? In this way, remained somewhat inexplicable, yet spoken to you through time? What is it about a building that enables us to say, “Architecture is an art of space“?
Villem Tomiste is like a figure from the beginning of 20th century Young Estonia movement – genuinely European, deeply urban, and as such, slightly suspicious for the local conservative community. Unlike many architects who preach social benefits, he actually lives by what he promotes in his civic visions – urbanistically to the core, commuting on foot and by tram, avoiding over-consumption, and with a refined aesthetic sensibility. Contemporary spatial culture is, for him, a field of opportunities: extending from urban planning and landscaping projects to dialogues with contemporary music, the visual arts and various exhibition practices.
“We are interested in producing new ideals of beauty, in other words, new poetical images that can renovate our collective assumptions.”
The minimalist grandeur and archetypal imagery of the memorial engage the viewer up to a point of awe.
The sci-fi square with a compelling formal expression attracts your attention and engages you in play while testing the user’s readiness to participate in spatial design.
The works of Gordon Matta-Clark enable reflection upon the relationship between architecture and art, and ponder on the essence of architecture.
The old and new sauna have been framed in the same game – making you notice the archetypal farm landscape and think about our relations with our country house
Is EV100 Great Public Space programme revealing or creating the uniqueness of small towns?
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