What is surprising and innovative about Fahle Park Gallery Street compared to earlier reconstructions of industrial architecture?
There is a lot of talk about Pollinator Highway but what exactly is it, where it is located and what is its purpose?
Thinking of design as a service means bringing into focus the user and user needs. The impact of user-specificity is steadily increasing in how the processes of spatial design are approached. Ave Habakuk from the Living Street movement writes about how to think of the street as a service.
A vast majority of Estonians today live in cities and can only dream of such biodiversity that dominates in Kristiina Hellström’s garden and its surroundings. Nevertheless, she is writing about it with the hope that recent country house owners could benefit from her experience.
A weed is a plant considered unwanted in human-controlled settings, such as farm fields, gardens, lawns, and parks. The derogatory term ‘weed’ is also applied to any plant that grows or reproduces aggressively or is invasive outside its native habitat. Invasive species are largely a consequence of human activity: plants and seeds brought by people on purpose or by accident to an area, where they might not have natural competitors and thus will grow unstoppably.
We are discussing landscape architecture with Helēna Gūtmane, Mark Geldof and Ilze Rukšāne online although I initially planned to go there and visit their works together with the authors. In addition to Helēna, Ilze and Mark, also the senior landscape architects Indra Ozoliņa, Mētra Augškāpa and landscape architect Sendija Adītāja joined our discussion around the table (and behind the screen).
The monument dedicated to Lydia Koidula and Johann Voldemar Jannsen near the Arch Bridge in Tartu may be discussed primarily in two respects – in terms of sculptures and landscape architecture. The memorial square strives for the human-scale but how successful is it?
Gothenburg's Jubileumsparken is being designed with an open mind and all changes are welcomed with open arms: it is still unclear what kind of spatial disruptions will be implemented and where these manipulations will come into play. This depends on the parties involved and their reactions to the process.
Is EV100 Great Public Space programme revealing or creating the uniqueness of small towns?
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