Terje Ong. The hidden messages of Annelinn

One thing that is shattering Annelinn’s negative image is the “switching on” of spaces that to date have gone without a programme. A good example is the square in front of the garage complex on Anne Street, which flirts with its old image but also with new values, acting like a buffer between different ways of thinking. It is not clearly defined what kind of activities or target audience the stops and rest spots should accommodate – there is a certain flexibility, various methods of use and room for interpretation

Renee Puusepp. Data-Driven City

This article was born out of concern for the future of our cities, especially Tallinn. It appears to me, as an outside observer, that many large-scale projects in the capital are carried out without any consideration for an overall strategic vision for the city. Although some of the blame can also be placed on the lack of a strong and clear strategic vision for Tallinn, of late, notable progress has recently been made to remedy this situation.

Summer/autumn 2018 (94): Essence and Experience of Architecture

EXPERIENCE OF ARCHITECTUREHumbly Majestic. Arvo Pärt Centre 〉 Triin OjariThe Super Transformer. Elering 〉 Karli LuikA Monumental Enigma. The Narva College of Tartu University 〉 Carl-Dag LigeContinuous Strangeness 〉 Merilin Kaup, Mariann Tihane, Liina SoosaarVana-Vastseliina Pilgrim’s House 〉 Karen JagodinArchitecture That Invites You to Move 〉 Terje Ong, Risto KozerWasteland 〉 Paco UlmanWeak Monument –

Karli Luik. The Super Transformer

Elering’s new office building is technically a reconstruction, an extension. Although everything is new, the small remaining part of the former structural frame came to define the building’s location as well as its overall height and width. It is actually the old building extended by three times, a simple rectangle with two particular islands in the middle of the office spaces located along the perimeter. The former atrium has become a secluded inner courtyard balanced by the second enclosed and highly secured control centre in the middle part of the extension.