Theoretically Grounded Architecture: Where Did it Disappear?

Andres Sevtsuk is a Professor of Urban Science and Planning at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, where he also leads the City Form Lab. Maroš Krivý is a professor of Urban Studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts.They shared their insights on current state and challenges of Estonian architecture.

A Hundred Issues of Critical Discussion on Architecture: a Round Table Discussion With Editors-In-Chief of MAJA

Since 1994, the architectural review MAJA has been the key platform for promoting and reflecting on Estonian architecture. On the occasion of the 100th issue, all former editors-in-chief – Leele Välja, Piret Lindpere, Triin Ojari, Katrin Koov and Kaja Pae – came together to discuss their working principles and the changes the journal has undergone in the past twenty-five years. Interviewed by Andres Kurg.

Alvin Järving. Shelters and Forest Cabins—from Polemical Approach to Media Machine

‘We had completed our design submission for an architectural design competition. The detailed plan determined the building’s shape, roof pitch, roof height, eave height, the choice of building materials, entrance to the lot, the parking space of its residents and the client also provided us with a specific layout for rooms. We thought we had quite a decent building. Then an architecture student appeared and asked: ‘Well, what is the concept of this building…?’’

Jiri Tintera: How to Protect a Shrinking City?

Acting in accordance with statute of the heritage conservation area in a shrinking city like Valga is impossible. Investing in listed buildings (architectural monuments) and buildings located in heritage conservation areas should be promoted in shrinking cities when the support measures for various fields are developed.

Aet Ader. Urban Space at the End of the Tunnel

Kõige olulisem küsimus tulevase Tallinna-Helsingi tunneli puhul ei ole enam kas, vaid kuidas? Milliseks ühtseks kaksiklinnaks Tallinn ja Helsingi kiirühenduse tulemusel muutuvad – see nõuab ettenägelikkust ja teadlikkust nii ametnikelt, professionaalidelt kui ka poliitikutelt.